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If you’d like more information about our program, please check out the program guide at the link below


Cloud security is essential for safeguarding data and intellectual property in cloud environments. Here are several compelling reasons why organizations should prioritize cloud security:

  • Enhanced Protection: Cloud security mitigates risks associated with unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber threats. By implementing robust controls, organizations can safeguard sensitive information.

  • Fast Deployment: Leveraging native accelerators from cloud service providers allows security capabilities to be deployed swiftly—within minutes or hours—instead of months.

  • Frictionless Integration: Embedding security into existing solutions and operational processes ensures a seamless experience while maintaining robust protection.


Studying cloud security provides valuable knowledge and skills, including risk assessment, compliance, security architecture, and incident response.

Information Session


10 Weeks

August 12-October 18, 2024

Class Schedule


Monday-Wednesday 3-8PM


Thursdays 3-8PM

Professional Development:

Fridays 3-7PM


Deadline: August 5. 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are the classes located?
    City of Refuge: 1300 Joseph E Boone Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30314
  • What is the application process?
    Step 1: Fill out the application Step 2: NPursuit evaluates the applications Step 3: 10 Min Call for brief evaluation Step 4: Notify applicants of acceptance or rejection Step 5: If accepted, you must return the policies and procedures and complete the online acceptance form prior to deadline
  • Who should apply?
    Business Leaders

Program Features

Certification Bearing with CCSK and Zero Trust Certification

Partnership with CSA

Experiential Learning

Dinner provided

Project Based Learning

No Cost to participate

Dre Taylor


Software Engineer at Microsoft

  • LinkedIn
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